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Savings are important!

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We all have financial goals: A house, a car, travel, and even early retirement. The more money that you can save the faster these goals will be met. And, most importantly, your savings will help you avoid debt when unforseeable situations develop. Most people don't save as much as they would like to. Or they don't save at all. Today's cost of living may make saving seem impossible. Let Desco help you start today.

Make saving a priority!

Establish your goals and determine how much it will cost to meet each one. Then make your plan:
  • Decide when you want to reach each goal
  • Treat your savings as a required monthly payment just like utilities.
Look for money to save!

Even though it may be difficult most of us can find extra money:
  • Avoid impulse buying and use discipline to buy only what you need - not what you want.
  • When you go shopping prepare a list and carry only the cash that you need to make those purchases. Avoid the temptation of credit cards.
  • Many creditors will give borrowers a lower interest rate if they're asked.
  • List and prioritize your non-essential purchases. Then eliminate as many as you can from the bottom of the list.
  • Do the practical things: Pack a lunch, plan daily trips so as to minimize gasoline costs, etc.
Save money first!

Once you've made that priority payment then you can allocate your remaining money to cover everything else. You may be surprised when you find out that you can actually make the money go further than it did. Desco can help you make it easier by providing payroll deduction transfers from your employer or providing direct deposit of your entire pay into multiple accounts. Come in and talk to our Member Service Representatives about how we can help you meet your savings goals.

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