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Member Advantage Loan Only at Desco

A Mortgage That Gives You The Advantage

We have designed our Member Advantage Mortgage to offer qualified members an opportunity to purchase a primary residence or a second home (within 100 miles of your primary residence) with more flexible terms than have been previously available. With terms including 3% down, no PMI, and 20-year fixed rates, this Mortgage Loan gives you the advantage. Contact a loan specialist today to discuss your needs!

Educating Our Youth About Finances

Desco Federal Credit Union is proud to introduce to you the availability of the CU 4 Reality Financial Education Program. This program incorporates a fun and exciting simulation of spending and budgeting based on career choices and lifestyle decisions. One of the missions of Desco Federal Credit Union is to provide financial education to the youth in our area. This program is a great learning tool that educates students in a fun and hands on way. For more information, contact us at 740-354-7791 or 800-488-0746.

c u 4 reality financial education program