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Personal Financial Management

Students Get a Reality Check

Desco Federal Credit Union is proud to introduce to you the availability of the CU 4 Reality Financial Education Program. This program incorporates a fun and exciting simulation of spending and budgeting based on career choices and lifestyle decisions. One of the missions of Desco Federal Credit Union is to provide financial education to the youth in our area. This program is a great learning tool that educates students in a fun and hands on way. For more information, contact us at 740-354-7791 or 800-488-0746.

Virtual Reality Fair

We have created a Virtual Reality Fair Series for times when we cannot meet with students face-to-face.  A copy of the monthly budget worksheet that you will need to complete the 7-part series is available here.  Check out what other educators, attendees, and parents are saying about our Virtual Reality Fair:

  • During a time when there is so much change in the world, I am glad I can depend on Desco Credit Union for some continuity. As a sixth grade math teacher, my favorite enrichment activity that we do every year is the Desco Credit Union Reality Fair. The Reality Fair can often be the first time students really consider and research what careers they want to pursue when they grow up. This experience is often very eye opening for students, as they realize the cost of living, and begin pondering if their future career is enough to sustain them. Out of all the experiences taken away from my students this year, I was glad that this was not one of them. I greatly appreciate Desco creating a “Virtual Reality Fair” for my students. I am happy to know that they still got to experience all the Reality Fair activities and glean life-long lessons from the lessons presented.  Bethany Ottens, Minford teacher, May 2020.
  • I thought that the reality fair was extremely helpful! It really made me think about how your spending on things that you want really impact the money available for your needs.  It helped me see that I need to work hard to get the things that I want for my future. Claire Clevenger, Minford student, May 2020.
  • I really appreciate Desco’s hard work in creating the online reality fair in which the sixth graders at Minford Middle School were able to participate this year. I believe that it is imperative to educate kids on how to be money-smart so that they can possibly avoid huge financial disasters in the future. It will not be long before these kids will begin planning for college or buying a car and teaching them how budgeting works really helps them understand the value of money. Studying budgeting also allows the kids to appreciate how much their families do to support them.  Tehra Clevenger, Minford parent, May 2020.