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Real Estate Loans

Real Estate Loans

Members are Rewarded!

Choose Desco for your mortgage loan and get a rate reduction on your next new or used vehicle loan.  Call or see us for more details.

Member Advantage Mortgage

The Member Advantage Mortgage has been designed to offer our qualified members an opportunity to purchase a primary residence or a second home (within 100 miles of your primary residence) with more flexible terms. 

Special features include:

  • Only 3% Down
  • Minimum Down Payment of 10% on a 2nd home
  • Competitive 20-year FIXED RATE
  • Quick pre-approvals
  • No Private Mortgage Insurance — No hidden fees.
  • Faster Closing Time

Mortgage Loans

Finding the perfect home can be a trying experience, but finding the perfect loan doesn’t have to be.  Desco offers low fixed rates, and the payments are made at your local office.  Click here to read an article published on Money Under 30 about the benefits of getting your mortgage through a credit union.

Construction Loans

With a construction loan, you pay only the interest on the money you draw for construction.  Then, convert your loan to a permanent loan.  At that time, you’ll pay low closing costs with fixed rate options.

VA Guaranteed Loans

VA Guaranteed Loans are for eligible veterans for the purchase or refinance of a home, which must be for their own personal occupancy.  The guaranty replaces the protection the lender normally receives by requiring a down payment, allowing you to obtain favorable financing terms.

Home Improvement Loans

Got a growing family or just need some modernization?  Improve your home and increase the overall value of the property with a Home Improvement Loan.

FHA Loans

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is a part of HUD which insures the loan so Desco can offer you a better deal with low down payments, low closings costs and easy credit qualifying.

USDA Rural Development Loans

USDA Guaranteed Rural Housing Loan – No Money Down – This loan is used by borrowers to purchase a home they will personally occupy.  This 30 year fixed rate mortgage is offered to families whose income does not exceed 115% of the median income for the area.  Some geographic restrictions apply.


Refinance at Desco and get a better mortgage loan.  Lower your monthly payments to help secure your family’s financial future.  It’s the best investment you can make for yourself or your family.

Home Equity Loan

With a Home Equity Loan, you can use the equity in your home as collateral.  You can borrow to help finance major home repairs, medical bills or college educations.

Investment Property Loan

With today’s low mortgage rates and the current real estate prices, it is an ideal time to invest in real property.